Saturday, November 22, 2008

Las Palomas

We received this miniature birdcage with palomas as a gift for a wedding we were unable to attend. Normally I do not like "stuff" cluttering the house and if it does not serve a purpose it will eventually find its way out. I thought this chachka quite pretty and one day will serve a wonderful purpose in the doll house I plan to build one day for Isabella. I think she is a little too young, and most likely will destroy it, but in three years when she is four it might be the perfect time for one.

My iTunes is very psychic by the way. I loved the song that was playing while writing this post, something jazzy perfect for a wedding reception (which I think a CD of music played at a wedding reception is way better than chachkas), anyways I had to look to see what song was playing. It was Charlie Parker´s La Paloma....strange, no?

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please sir said...

Oh would be so pretty for a girl's room!

R. Duckie said...

Oh that's interesting - Charlie Parker's nickname is the Bird.