Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Adore

I absolutely adore this home in Uruguay. Very modern within an older exterior. I would love the idea of using intense colours unexpectedly. Karina Tengberg has a wonderful portfolio of some other amazing homes as well.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Peacock Chair

I would love to have this peacock chair in our new casita. The living area has a very airy yoga studio vibe (due to virtually no furniture in the room), that would be suited to the rattan.
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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Las Palomas

We received this miniature birdcage with palomas as a gift for a wedding we were unable to attend. Normally I do not like "stuff" cluttering the house and if it does not serve a purpose it will eventually find its way out. I thought this chachka quite pretty and one day will serve a wonderful purpose in the doll house I plan to build one day for Isabella. I think she is a little too young, and most likely will destroy it, but in three years when she is four it might be the perfect time for one.

My iTunes is very psychic by the way. I loved the song that was playing while writing this post, something jazzy perfect for a wedding reception (which I think a CD of music played at a wedding reception is way better than chachkas), anyways I had to look to see what song was playing. It was Charlie Parker´s La Paloma....strange, no?

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Terrace Tepee

For the time being, the terrace in the new casita is going to be somewhat unusable during the day. It is covered in some weird aluminum foil which would intensify the already potent Argentine sun rays. The inspiration for a tepee came to me. So I Googled around and found these DIY instructions that seem quite easy.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I Want, I Want!

I have been searching the world over for a blue glass Buddha. Sadly, they seem to be quite rare. Although this Buddha is gorgeous, I want one that is translucent glass, but I would never ever deny this if someone were to give it to me. Ever since my Reiki master, Loro found her blue glass Buddha 11 years ago, I have been enchanted and have never stopped searching for this elusive Buddha. Perhaps I should let go of this idea and let the Buddha come to me.

Orange and Pink Revisited

As I mentioned, it is my dream to one day have a orange and pink dining or even a living room. Please Sir mentioned the Wary Meyers website, which is where I found this inspiration. It could work for our new casita, that is framing the wall with colour, since the space is not all that large, and it will be a bit dark I think as well. The only window faces an inner patio and the room receives diffused light. I wonder if I could convince my sweetie for us to be bold with colour?

*Señor Capone loves this idea, and it did not take any convincing on my part at all except to show him the photo. So I guess I will be getting my Orange and Pink living room after all these years.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Copy Cat

I am copy catting El Beso...what else does one do with a baby in one arm and a free right finger? This car can be found in Villa Pueyrredón on Ladines.

Tacky, sort of...

I admit, I have a tacky side to me...but it is the right kind of tacky. I love lights, and tacky lighting is my weakness. When I saw the LED mirror base in Barrio Chino, I had to have it. I love the way it lights up my Ametrine. (Amethyst and Citrine crystal). As you can see my photography assistant was placing the crystal just so, for the shot.

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Dream Tub

I love large deep tubs. Combine it with my favourite metal, copper and we have a winning combination. My beloved would love this shower. I can not remember where these images were found, but I am just trying to free up my desk top from clutter.

Eye Popping

I have always wanted an Orange and Pink Dining room, but after seeing this brave colour combination, I just may reconsider my original dream. It reminds me of the eyeshadow combo I used to wear in ninth grade. Frosty pink shadow with a teal blue liner. It looked quite lovely, but then again it was the 80s.